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Inner Zen Healing



Balance your chakras for wellbeing

Balance your chakras for wellbeing

Energy Healing  for your Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit 

Are you feeling emotional, stuck, or fearful, lacking creativity or, personal power? 

Your aura can give you a lot of insight into your personality. The invisible shield is your energy imprint and keeping it strong, vibrant and healthy can help you live a more positive life.

Reiki Healing 

During a reiki session, the practitioner uses their energy to adjust your vibrations. In theory, the results of this tuning of vibrational frequency (and finding your energetic equilibrium) leads to improved physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Reiki is a deeply relaxing holistic therapy to bring about powerful healing and a positive change.

* Helps relaxation

* Aids the body's natural healing process

* Releases tension

* Improves your mood

* Aids sleep

* Provides a sense of wellbeing

* Increased confidence and self esteem

* Effective in breaking old undesirable habits and replacing them with positive behaviours

Powerful Healing for a Positive Change! 

Get YOUR Energy Moving!

Free your energy!  Awaken and activate your chakras!

I work with hypnotherapy, reiki, chakra and aura energy healing to awaken your energy that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to your life as well as a greater vitality to your body, mind, and spirit! 

Balancing your body's energies, chakras and aura also balances your body's chemistry and helping you feel better and think more clearly. When your energy circulates freely, your body has the capacity to be healthy, whole and complete.

My energy exchange rates for a therapy of Reiki and Chakra & Energy Healing is £35 per session and I offer morning, afternoon and early evening sessions. Therapy sessions are 60 to 90 minutes.

Please contact me if you have any queries. I would love to hear from you.

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