Inner Zen Healing

Inner Zen Healing


A bit about me….

Hello, I’m Jennifer Perfect, a dedicated Reiki Master & Teacher on a mission to make the transformative power of Reiki accessible to all. I firmly believe that everyone deserves a touch of magical energy in their lives. 

Through personalised and energised training sessions tailored to small groups, I aim to impart practical, hands-on Reiki skills. Our courses are accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), ensuring quality and credibility.

We believe that true wellness comes from a holistic approach, and we strive to nurture all aspects of your being. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, supporting each other every step of the way.

At Inner Zen Healing , we also offer a full range of Hypnotherapy services, including the combination of hypnotherapy and Reiki. This holistic approach offers a deeply relaxing and positive way to heal physical, emotional, and mental problems.

I am fully qualified and insured, with over 20 years of experience practicing Hypnotherapy and Reiki since 2018. Come join us at Inner Zen Healing  for a therapeutic healing space where you can feel safe and supported.

I have achieved the following CPD practitioner qualifications:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist Diploma
  • Past Life Regression Therapist
  • Reiki Master / Teacher
  • Chakra & Aura Healing Diploma 
  • Shamanic Healing / Energy Healing Diploma
  • Akashic Records Diploma
  • Soul Retrieval Diploma
  • Meditation Leader Diploma
  • Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression Diploma
  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation Leader
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapist 
  • Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapist 

At Inner Zen Healing we empower you to trust in yourself and your inner strength, so you can take charge of your happiness and healing. We're all in this together, my friend. Let's embrace this journey with open hearts and open minds.

Join me on this journey of healing and empowerment!

Peace and love to you!  

Jennifer 🙏

Terms and Conditions 

Jennifer Perfect (Reiki Master / Teacher & Hypnotherapist) works to a high standard of care and practice and works within the strict code of ethics, with regards to practice & confidentiality and strongly advocate that NO medical advice is offered whatsoever.

Hypnosis is such that at no time can or will Jennifer Perfect guarantee success and confirms the responsibility for a successful outcome remains that entirely of the client.

Please contact me if you have any queries. I would love to hear from you.